Happy, Healthy & Productive at Work: Corporate Wellness

Spending 40+ hours a week at a job can cause people to start associating work with stress, pain, and overall unhealthiness. Fortune Magazine suggests that while many people agree that health, happiness and productivity at work are all coincide, very few companies actually offer a corporate wellness program to benefit their employees and, in turn, themselves. Check out the 5 best practices that define a wellness program likely to produce the results that both employees and employers are seeking:

  1. Provide employees with practical and accessible programs
  2. Have a health-conscious work environment
  3. Integrate wellness into the company structure
  4. Link wellness to existing support programs
  5. Offer health screenings and education

All new in 2020: Race Day Events is offering a unique opportunity for your company to foster employee bonding and team building by participating in a fun, safe and long-standing endurance event with the Corporate Team Wellness Program!

Our program offers things like:

  • Increased camaraderie and social engagement in the workplace
  • Increased overall fitness, wellness and health of employees, leading to greater productivity
  • Increased brand awareness through participation in one of Madison’s best events
  • And more!

Learn more about how to get your team on the right track with Race Day Events!